About CLEAN Sulphur

CLEAN SULPHUR is an eco-friendly biological fertilizer based on selective strain of sulphur solubilizing bacteria, Thiobacillus thiooxidans. This bacterium converts the non available sulphur & sulphur related compounds to easily assimilable form of sulphur salts through a process of oxidation. During this process Clean sulphur brings down the pH of the soil and keeps up it appropriate for nutrients availability to the plants for its fast absorption. Clean sulphur helps to improve the plant immune system. Basically it is self perpetuating which facilitates proliferation of soil micro-flora. Clean sulphur is suitable to apply for all crops well compatible to be used with other bio-fertilizers. Application of sulphur along with Clean sulphur would protect the crop from sulphur deficiencies. It is available in liquid & powder formulation.

Clean Sulphur

Features of Clean Bio Sulphur:

  1. 1. Availability of Nutrients: Sixteen nutrients are required for proper growth of the crop. Whose availability depends on the pH of the farm soil. Clean Bio Sulfur improves the pH of the farm soil. And increase the availability of nutrients.
  2. 2. Germination and growth: The use of clean bio-sulfur leads to good growth in cereals like wheat, paddy, millet, sorghum, tur, mug, sugarcane as well as vegetables and fruits.
  3. 3. Reduction in Disease: The use of Clean Bio Sulfur releases a lot of useful metabolism which helps in preventing diseases spread by seeds and farm soil.

Benefits of using Clean Bio Sulphur:

  1. 1. The amount of chemical fertilizers is reduced.
  2. 2. Yield is increased in farm land.
  3. 3. Increases in organic carbon.
  4. 4. Improves soil irrigation capacity.
  5. 5. Increases crop yield.
  6. 6. Increases crop quality.
  7. 7. Increases income at low cost.

Consumption rate:

Use 4 kg of clean bio sulphur per acre.

How to use:

Clean Bio Sulfur can be applied directly before planting or in standing crop (up to 46 days after planting). Irrigate by mixing well with 10 kg of manure or vermicompost or farm soil for uniform use. Clean Bio Sulfur can also be used in nurseries.

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