About CLEAN Iron Sulphate

Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Zinc, Manganese, Chlorine, Iron, Copper and Molybdenum which are called secondary and micronutrients are not commonly added (called soil hardening) to increase quality with more production in all crops.

Clean Iron Sulphate
  1. Increase in the number-size and quality of Rs.
  2. In oil crops like groundnut, castor, etc., increase the grain size and weight, grain shine and oil percentage.
  3. Increase in size, luster and taste with more fruits and vegetables in vegetables, fruits etc.
  4. More buds, help to make more dundas (so that production is definitely increased.)
  5. Increase the availability of fertilizers (so as to get more benefit from the money spent).
  6. Increase the ability to fight against common diseases (so less disease-less drug cost)
  7. Increase in leaf texture and chlorophyll (so that photosynthesis is naturally increased).
  8. Increase resilience in low water conditions. (So that the plants can tolerate water delays in rain or irrigation.)
  9. Help maintain the normal somatic order of the plant. (So that the plants grow uniformly.)

Method of use:

Clean Iron Sulphate: Take 10 gms and dissolve in a little water and spray on the leaves of the plant at intervals of 15 days.

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