About CLEAN Amino

Composition (Mixture): Total Dissolved Solids – 30-33%, hydrolysed Proteins – 9-11%, hudrolysed Carbohydrates – 6-7%, Amino Nitrogen – 3.5-4%,

Dosage: CLEAN AMINO+ 300ml/acre after dilution with required water. Spray: CLEAN AMINO+ at critical stages of growth viz, High growth, Flowering, Fruit initiation. CLEAN AMINO+ is compatible with all commonly used Agro-chemicals. CLEAN AMINO+ is neither toxic nor harmful and non-phototoxic.

Clean Amino

Usage: Experiment by mixing Clean Amino + in required quantity of water at the rate of 300 ml per acre. During the critical stages of development i.e., growth, flowering and flowering, spray clean amino +. Clean amino + matches well with all the chemicals commonly used in agriculture. Clean Amino + is neither toxic nor harmful. It is non-phytotoxic.

Special Features: Research derived product with standard composition. Contains – 16 free Bio-available and Bio-degradable Amino acids-Confirmed results under field conditions in all agro-climatic zones.

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