About Clean Copper Sulphate

Copper is one of the most important micronutrient plants need in order to grow. Clean Agro is one of the Copper manufacturers in India. Copper fertilizer is a major player in the agricultural industry, especially when it comes to tackle the various levels of copper deficiencies. This type of deficiency is experienced in many types of plants which can lead to poor plant development and decrease productivity.

Copper Manufacturers in India

The Main Applications for Copper in Agriculture

There are huge benefits associated with the use of Copper fertilizer. Fertilizers manufactured by Clean Agro, the best Copper manufacturers in India are beneficial to agricultural industry:

Copper based fertilizer helps the plant grow better, which in turn leads to increased productivity for the crops and companies and whole agricultural industry benefits from its use.

Fertilizer manufactured by Clean Agro, the best Copper manufacturers in India helps to counter the effect of cool soil temperatures. This means that if under certain conditions the soil temperature is low, the pace of mineralization process of the organic soil slows down; as a result less copper is being released. Copper fertilizers are used to handle this effect and support root growth.

Fertilizer manufactured by Clean Agro, the best Copper manufacturers in India is useful in improving soil fertility.

Copper Manufacturers in India

Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Zinc, Manganese, Chlorine, Iron, Copper and Molybdenum which are called secondary and micronutrients are not commonly added (called soil hardening) to increase quality with more production in all crops.

  1. Increase in the number-size and quality of Rs.
  2. In oil crops like groundnut, castor, etc., increase the grain size and weight, grain shine and oil percentage.
  3. Increase in size, luster and taste with more fruits and vegetables in vegetables, fruits etc.
  4. More buds, help to make more dundas (so that production is definitely increased.)
  5. Increase the availability of fertilizers (so as to get more benefit from the money spent).
  6. Increase the ability to fight against common diseases (so less disease-less drug cost)
  7. Increase in leaf texture and chlorophyll (so that photosynthesis is naturally increased).
  8. Increase resilience in low water conditions. (So that the plants can tolerate water delays in rain or irrigation.)
  9. Help maintain the normal somatic order of the plant. (So that the plants grow uniformly.)

Method of use:

Clean Copper Sulphate: Take 5 gms dissolved in 1 liter of water and spray on the leaves of the plant at intervals of 15 days.

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