About Clean ferrous sulphate

In addition to the main elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in all types of crops and fruits, the use of ferrous (iron) has become essential. The use of ferrous (iron) for higher yields has proved to be very useful in the soil. Using clean ferrous sulphate increases crop quality and yield. 25 kg of ferrous sulphate can be used in one acre of land.

Clean Ferrous Sulphate


Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands with water and soap after using this fertilizer. If this mixture gets into the eyes, take medical treatment. Keep away from sunlight. The person using this fertilizer should use rubber gloves and protect the eyes and mouth.

Instructions for use:

  1. 25 kg NPK per acre. Use twice with a fertilizer.
  2. Mix and fertilize the field soil.
  3. Watering immediately after application of manure.
  4. First use: 15-20 days after planting, sowing or germination.
  5. Second use: 30-40 days after germination.

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