About Clean Potash Bio Fertilizer

Clean Potash: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash are the main essential nutrients for plants. Clean potash helps in making amino acids and proteins and carbohydrates as well as transporting them to the leaves. Clean potash plays an important role in the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium by plants. Clean potash plants increase immunity during heat, dry, bacterial diseases. Clean potash makes important contribution to enhance the quality of plants such as color, texture, sweetness, aroma, life etc.

Clean Potash

Amount of consumption:

4 kg per acre

Proportion of Clean Potash Bio Fertilizer

Method of use: 4 kg of clean potash can be mixed with 30-40 kg of soil or manure and sprayed in the field. Apply this mixture on the trunk of the plant in the orchard and irrigate immediately. The use of clean potash as above is excellent in potato cultivation.

Caution: Use a clean potash bag at the same time. Moisture is required during consumption. Store clean potash in a cool and dry place with direct heat.

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