Clean Power is an excellent organic mixture of marine plant extracts derived from natural sources of marine plant origin as well as a mixture of amino acids and humic acids prepared on bentonite sulfur seeds.


Clean power acts as an excellent conditioner in the soil. Rhizo and azo live in the soil and help in the growth of bacteria. Helps plants cope better with drought conditions. Helps in seed germination and root development. Increases the proportion of fruit-flowers and twigs (feet).

Production in clean power vegetables as well as horticultural crops is 20 to 25% higher. Maintains plant texture. Due to which, even after the end of the season, it gives one or two more. The quality of vegetables / fruits increases with increasing production. So that the market price gets higher. Excessive spraying of heavy pesticides can help prevent side effects.

Proportion of clean power

Using clean power at 10 kg per acre increases the amount of organic matter in the soil as well as speeds up the movement of useful micro-organisms. Which also improves the soil texture.

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