CLEAN BOOSTER Vegetation (marine plant) is a manor of extracts of marine plant derived from natural sources of origin. It is used to increase the yield and quality of cereals, beans, oilseeds, cotton, sugarcane, vegetables, fruits and flowers for decoration.

  1. Acts as a chelating agent. Makes the plant accessible by separating the main and secondary elements from the soil particles.
  2. Helps in the growth of plants.
  3. Acts as an excellent conditioner in the soil.
  4. Helps in the growth of Rhizo and Azo bacteria living in the soil.
  5. Helps plants to cope better with drought conditions.
  6. Helps in germination of seeds and growth of roots.
  7. Increases the proportion of fruit-flowers and twigs (feet).
  8. The fruit-flower naturally brings good color and aroma and increases the storage capacity of the fruit.
  9. Tomatoes, chillies, eggplants, etc. in all vegetables as well as horticultural crops have increased production by 20 to 25%. Maintains plant texture. Due to which, even after the end of the season, it gives one or two more. With the increase in production of vegetables / fruits, their quality increases so that the market price is higher.
  10. Excessive spraying of heavy pesticides can help prevent side effects.
Clean Booster

Proportion of clean booster

  • 300 ml. Mix in 200 liters of water and sprinkle one acre of crop well and drip water.
  • Even in the furrow of planting before or after sowing 500 ml. Giving an acre in 200 liters of water gives initial benefit to the plant.
  • Seeds and rope also contain 5 to 10 ml. Spreading 1 kg of seed / bidding makes the plants stick faster and growth is faster.

Mainly it contains over 60 assorted chelating nutrients and growth enhancers for plants. It also contains carbohydrates, growth hormones, betains & sterols etc. that influence plant growth. Clean BOOSTER has also been enriched with naturally balanced trace elements such as Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, and Cobalt. Clean BOOSTER has been proved to be 100% beneficial for all crops and very well compatible to be used with other Fertilizer & Pesticides

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