Today, due to overuse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, the number of micro-organisms living in the soil and the amount of organic matter is declining day by day. This is reducing the activity of microorganisms in the soil and the production of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from natural sources. And the structure and quality of the land is being destroyed.

With this in mind, Clean Agro has launched Bio NPK for Indian farmers. Has created an environmentally friendly organic fertilizer based on liquid micro-organisms for farmers by creating. Which stores free nitrogen from the atmosphere at the roots of plants. Which simultaneously converts the dissolved phosphate in the soil into a dissolved state and makes it available to the plants. And the potassium collected and stored in the soil can be transported from one place to another, so by converting it to the right condition, the crop gets about 50% and 80% P and 80% potash.



  1. Clean Bio NPK With the use of NPK throughout the life of the crop. The production of is constantly being carried out by micro-organisms.
  2. NPK A balanced dose of plants enhances life processes such as living capillaries, metabolic processes, photosynthesis, rapid growth of sugars and starch formation, timely maturation and development of stamina roots in plants, fruit quality, ability to fight diseases, etc.
  3. These micro-organisms, after completing their life, are converted into indole and budolic acid to help increase soil fertility.

Proportion of Clean Bio NPK

Clean Bio NPK Consumption 400 ml at the time of field preparation. To 500 ml. 250 ml by getting or spraying with any organic manure. To 350 ml. Crop can be done in the morning or evening.

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