Benefits of Clean Micro Chelated:

Clean Micro Chilated compensates for the deficiency of essential nutrients in each crop and by spraying it the nutrients are absorbed immediately by the leaf (by drip root). Clean Micro Chilated enhances leaf texture and chlorophyll. Clean Micro Chilated enhances its ability to withstand low water conditions. Clean Micro Chilated enhances size, luster and flavor with more fruits and vegetables in vegetables, fruits, etc. and helps in making more buds, more deep. (So that production is definitely increased.) Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Zinc, Manganese, Chlorine, Iron, Copper and Molybladum which are called secondary elements and micronutrients are not usually added (which is called soil hardness). Which is available through Clean Micro Chilated.

Clean Micro Chelated


For spraying on leaves:

  1. Use on Ravi and Kharif fruit and vegetable crops by getting 2 to 3 grams per liter of water.
  2. Cotton, castor, groundnut and cumin should be sprayed first after 30 to 40 days of crop, then 2 to 4 sprays at intervals of 10 to 15 days.
  3. Mango, Lemon, Pomegranate, Bor, Chiku, Orange etc. In horticultural crops first spray before fortnight of flowering or flowering then 3 to 4 spray at intervals of 15 days.
  4. Mix 250 gms in 150 liters of water and spray in 1 acre.
  5. Drip in such a way that 500 g reaches 1 acre.
  6. It is advisable to spray Clean Micro Chilated in the morning or evening (except in the afternoon sun).
  7. Spray Clean Micro Chilated on the lower and upper surface of the leaf to make it well moistened.

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